Lou (loux2) wrote,


well 2nd interview was alright i think.
they seemed to like me :)

first i had a phychometric test for about 15mins, was pretty hard. Basically had to choose the thing i'm most like and the thing least like me from a group of 4 phrases. that x 24.
some were really easy - others were really hard.
choose most and least form these 4:
i like to spend time with friends
i like to be the centre of attention
i am good at planning and organising
i manage my time well

tis hard.

Then an interview from 2 people (1 from wednesday). Another interview from another 2 people (the other from wednesday) and then the financial director came in and had a chat too.

All up took about 2 hours. Mega intense. BUt i think i went okay. Was either going to hear back this arvo or monday morning - haven't heard this arvo so i suppose will on monday.

tonight i met the other of luce's friends - she seems cool. we just had pizza and watched the box.

Tomorrow night luce and I are going out for dinner (my parent's farewell present to luce) at Volupte Lounge. Like a caberet/burlesque show, shall be fun :) We're getting all dressed up - i really want to wear my red dress but it's in my box at Tom's house. So i'll wear a differnt one :)
Excitement :D

xox sleep time.
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