Lou (loux2) wrote,

no jobob

Finally got word back on job. It's a no unfortunatly.
It was between me and another person and the reason it took them so long to get back was that they really liked us both. They had some meetings on whether they could take on 2 people, looked over budget etc, but decided they could only take one, so it wasn't me. Said I did really well in the interviews etc so that's a plus I suppose. I deffinatly learnt a lot from the process anyhow and feel a lot more confident in interviews now.
booooos. :(
Got a bunch of other interviews this week though, one tomorrow, one friday and one monday. Fingers crossed for those.
The one for tomorrow is the same salary as the one i just lost, although i'm not sure i have enough technical knowledge for the job. If i get it i'll learn a lot from it. I think there are 3 people going for the job - so that's a plus. We shall see. Had a phone interview for it today and it sounds like a good one. The company actually used to be part of AMP joined in 98 and demerged in 03. Cool.
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