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Had interview this arvo, didn't think i'd get it cause i didn't think i had the right technical ability for it.
Interview went well, I liked the people and the role sounded really good. Called my agent after the job, chatted to her, told her it went well and that i wanted it. She went off and then rang them, then rang me back and told me i'd been offered it. So basically about 10mins after I walked out of the interview I was offered the job. Whee!
SO excited :)
Basically i'll be taking calls and also learning stuff along the way. Learning about windows desktop stuff rather than custom s/w which is what i wanted to get into. The team sounds like heaps of fun and the blokes I met were really friendly and jokey - good to work with.
So I am winnar.
Annnd it pays well - as much as the one i was turned down for yesterday.

Everything sorted now. Flat + job = success!
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