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cockburns is a bad name for alcohol..or perhaps a good warning...

Ok so i've been influenced by luce's update and finally doing one of my own - it's been too long, more than a month since a proper one.

Still chugging along at work, been there 3 weeks and still learning. It's quite slow which is slightly annoying. Once i know everything it will be fine cause some of the time will be taken up by actually doing things that i can't do at the moment. So yeah, a tad bored at the moment, but hopefully this will change. It has also been holidays so people been away, now more people are back in the building etc. I had to go visit a dude on another floor the other day, his blackberry was acting up. ooer.

Flat is going really well, Tom has been able to spend some more time down here (he only went to swindon this weekend to go to a 21st and he also got invited along to a huge theme park for today - lucky. Aparantly one of the little kiddies that was meant to go had been naughty so wasn't allowed, tom was invited to take their place, hehe).
Yesterday before he went back to Swindon we had some furniture delivered - a 3 door wardrobe and chst of drawers (bought as a present from his parents - so nice :) ). The drawers were already assembled but we had to do the wardrobe ourselves, hehe, that was fun. It's almost done, just got the doors and the back to put on. Took ages though and the intructions were all in picture format so we missed bits and had to undo the parts we put together. It said it would take 2.5 hours with 2 people, but we spent about 3 hours on it and still those bits to do. I will take some photos once everything is in place :)
Friday night we went to IKEA up the road - it's open until midnight so we left about 8pm and got back around 10. Bought some curtains (the wooden venetian blinds in here are really bad at keeping the street light shining in at night) and some pretty cussions for our couch (oh and shoerack for my shoes :) ).
Tom's also moved down a bunch of electronics the other day as well - tv (which we bought a digital box for freeview - 92 channels (including radio)), stereo and xbox (i've been playing harry potter and prisinor of azkaban all day).

The flat mates are ok - an aussie from brissy just moved in, she's really nice, name is wensley and she has a perm (or really curly hair) but we can forgive her for that ;) She seems pretty cool, T and i are sharing the fridge with her.
Spanish couple are going to be moving out in a month - we're pretty sure they broke up :( bad for them, but exciting for more people. James the english guy is fine, i think if i saw heaps of him i would be annoyed by him but don't so i'm not.

Tom also just found out (about an hour ago) that he got a job!! The first one he went for and he's got it, i'm so proud of him, and he was all worried about the interview not going so well. It's right near where i work so we can meet for lunch and pays very nicely (£30k!), so that's very exciting. He starts next monday.

Isa arrived from Aus yesterday, she's here until the 22nd when she'll go to cambridge. Exciting to have another of the ladies over here, we're going to have a ladies dinner sometime soon, just waiting for Is to contact us.

Just found out that i have an imogen heap cd on my mp3 player - i must have stolen it from Tom, it's really good, am enjoying, i've only heard her in frou frou before this (apart from singles) makes me want to go to her gig even more. It's 31st oct. hmm, shall see.

Luce, Tom and I all joined the gym last week, I can't go until i've had my induction on friday night, which is really annoying cause i reallyreally felt like a swim today (forget the fact that i don't have swimmers yet..). Just needed to do something where i didn't have to think. Wasn't in too good a mood this morning, but feeling better now. Brains are weird.

Hmm, dinnertime soon. What to have, what to have.

Back to harry and neville now - ciao xxx

oh and for those that don't read luce's journal - she had her nostril pierced and it looks awesome :) really suits her, looks like she was born with it :D
and it's made me want to get another piercing...i'm thiinking about surface tragus (also called a sideburn, hehe) -

this looks cool too - but i think too much for my ear:
(this one is a surface one with the tragus (the little stickyout bit) pierced as well).

It would go on my left ear (the one without my daith rodger). :)
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