Lou (loux2) wrote,

Awful News

Hi Everyone out there in computer land,

I have some bad news, those who need to know in the real world probably already do.

My Dad has died, he had a massive heart-attack on wednesday while having fun with his mates (typical Dad). It wasn't painful or anything like that, he just collapsed and even though his friends and the doctors tried for over an hour to revive him there wasn't ever really any chance that he was going to come back.
He was 54.

So yeah, now you know.

My cat (the black one, Rosie) died the day before too (in Dad's arms), she was put down because of old age kidney disease.

I've come home to Sydney from London with Tom.

I welcome comments etc but please those of you who are religious I don't care to hear anything of that nature, I am an athiest and so hearing about your Gods doesn't help me in the slightest.

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See you soon hon. Mum will tell you all my flight details
oh lou... *hugs*. i don't know what to say except i'm so sorry. if you need anything, let me know, okay?
i'm so sorry
So sorry to hear about that.

I don't really know what to say other than "take care, and look after yourself".
Lou, that is tragic news. Look after yourself x
I am so sorry *HUGS* my condolences and please look after yourself... ;__;
Oh Lou. I'm so sorry. My thoughts are with you.
That's too young. I'm sure he lived a beautiful and fulfilled life anyway.
oh boo, lou. i am so sorry to hear that.
i really hope you and your family are looking after each other and getting through this ok.
Ah, I'm so sorry to hear that, honey... You have my condolences.

Man, if there's one thing in this world that I can sympathise with... When I was 16, and my mother was away, I had the unfortunate job of being the only one present at the emergency room when my father fell to the floor and had 3 cardiac arrests, being announced clinically dead after each attack. They said he wouldn't last the night, but on Dec 2nd, it'll have been 6 years. Three of his heart valves are at least 75% blocked (one of them is completely blocked) and part of his heart (one entire chamber, I think) has died completely and is useless. What he really needs is a bypass but he wouldn't survive it. Fairly amazing for him that he was at the emergency room at the time... He wouldn't be here otherwise. He must've been 60 at the time. Hmmm.

Anyway, sorry. You don't need to hear that. But I thought I'd let you know that there are others your age who have had experience with heart attacks. I'm sorry that yours ended so badly... May you find the strength to grieve.

Pammy xx

PS. Also, I'm very sorry about your cat. I hate it when the cats die/disappear. It's very sad. Mad hugs. xx
Lou, I am terribly sorry to hear of your loss, particularly considering your Dad's young age.

There's no silver lining in this cloud, but I can say I know your Dad must have been a great guy, as he's raised a very cool, special daughter in you.

Take Care.
im so sorry to hear about that lou.make sure you look after yourself