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Haven't update in a while, i'm ok i suppose.
I find Dad's death effecting me in annoying ways. Like i'm super snappy and have a really short temper. Tom has been getting the brunt of this so i'm really trying to think a bit more before i say anything. I suppose it's from having to hold my feelings in when i'm in public so they sort of come out in other ways. I'm still having a bit of a cry every now and then but it's lessening. Been talking to Mum lots on the phone and she seems to be ok too.

Been upping the gym and have also joined weight watchers. I was the heaviest i've ever been about 3 weeks ago so started going, i lost 1kg the first week and 1.2kg the 2nd (they do it in pounds over here so that's 5 pounds all together). Weigh-in for this week is thursday night, i have a feeling it won't be as much a loss but we'll see. It's really easy to do and fits in well with my lifestyle. yah.

Andrew is in Finland at the moment and seems to be having a fabulouso time, he was here about a week ago so it was nice to see him :)

Christmas is gearing up and it's getting colder (and wetter), coping okay for the moment though. Buying nice coats and boots.

Off to gym now (yeah go me), hope you all are okay. x

oh and i got a new piercing on saturday, it's my tongue-web, that bit under your tongue that joins your tongue to the bottom of your mouth. It didn't really hurt and is super easy to heal. After it was pierced it mainly felt like my tongue muscle was tired, like it had been working out at the gym too hard. I can eat etc fine :)
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