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Random update

Hello lj people.

I'm going to Glastonbury Festival on Wed, can't wait, the line up is awesome :D
Although it looks like it's going to rain. Muddy muddy mess :)

Saw The Wombats last night, they're from Liverpool. Ok music but I'm annoyed they stole our animal as a name.

Life is okay, Tom and I have our own place to live (and pay huge rent) now. Tonight we're having a beer and mussels (and chips) night with some friends. Should be yum :)

It's been almost 8 months since Dad went, i'm coping okay, still get upset but i haven't had to take work off for a while now. It's stupid little things that i miss. Or even just wanting to get his advice for things, i sort of kick myself for not asking him before. But i wasn't to know.

Got plane tickets back to Aust for Chrissy this year, will be there almost 4 weeks. Was going to be only 3 but Eri is getting married so of course we want to stay to celebrate that :)

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