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Random update

Hello lj people.

I'm going to Glastonbury Festival on Wed, can't wait, the line up is awesome :D
Although it looks like it's going to rain. Muddy muddy mess :)

Saw The Wombats last night, they're from Liverpool. Ok music but I'm annoyed they stole our animal as a name.

Life is okay, Tom and I have our own place to live (and pay huge rent) now. Tonight we're having a beer and mussels (and chips) night with some friends. Should be yum :)

It's been almost 8 months since Dad went, i'm coping okay, still get upset but i haven't had to take work off for a while now. It's stupid little things that i miss. Or even just wanting to get his advice for things, i sort of kick myself for not asking him before. But i wasn't to know.

Got plane tickets back to Aust for Chrissy this year, will be there almost 4 weeks. Was going to be only 3 but Eri is getting married so of course we want to stay to celebrate that :)

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Werd Lou

Sure this is waaaay after you posted this entry, but it's good to hear from you anyway. Be sure to write from time to time! Keep me informed! (Heh)

Oh, and good luck / enjoy / whatever with that whole Race for Life dealie.

Look after yourself
- Brad
Hey Braddy :)

I shall, i shall.

Do you have a facebook account?? (mine's under Louise McNaughton)

Thanks for the luck - it's this Sat! I've been sick so I'm not sure if i'll be able to do what i planned (run the whole thing), will see what happens on the day.
A Facebook? Nope, I don't have one (yet...). I just started using my Myspaz account, and now I've got another online thingamajig to get! (Heh)

Anyway, I've no idea what time it is over "there", but hopefully the whole Race went well and what not! Did you / will you run the whole thing? If you did, hope it went well. Etc, etc, etc.

Will look into getting a Facebook soon. Maybe. If I can be bothered. (I'm a lazy, lazy man)