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Weird thing happened today, I was whacked by a mental woman. I was out to lunch with 3 of my friends, in Manly in quite a nice restaurant. Suddenly this hand came down super hard on my right shoulder. At first I was like, is that someone who knows me? That really hurt, they shouldn't have done that so hard. So I turned around and it's this woman (in her 50s I think) staring back at me. I then expected her to say 'oops, wrong person' but she just stared! I think i went into shock then and started to cry and I kept asking her why she would do that but she just kept staring back. Then she yelled "you're a horrible woman!" and ran out of the restaurant. By this time I was shaking and crying a bit and everyone was running over and couldn't believe what happened.
Her husband then came over apologising and apologising saying that she's been acting a bit weird recently and he's been trying to get her to go to the doctor/hospital but she hasn't wanted to.
He then went back to his table and the waitress asked if I wanted her to call the cops, I said no. My heart was racing and I was still visibly shaking and couldn't eat/drink properly for a good 10 mins.
The husband came over again at the end of our meal and apologised again, he said he saw her do it but didn't quite believe was he was seeing. He felt really bad the poor guy, must be hard for him to see his wife deteriorate like that. He's got a good reason to drag her to the doc now though!
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