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Milk = Evil

Hands up who feels they are too old to still have pimples/acne? For the last few years I've pondered and been frustrated by this and wondered why I still have them, thinking they were supposed to only be a teenage thing. Over the years I've tried antibiotics, topical creams, proactive, other potions and creams etcetcetc. In 08 I went on a different type of contraceptive pill that was meant to be for bad skin and it did help a bit, but not as much as I'd hoped. I'm still on this pill.

I've finally worked out that it was milk that's giving me the bad skin. For the last few months I was in Toronto I started to drink a lot more almond milk and not much cow's milk, around this time I also went vegetarian. My skin cleared up. I wasn't sure why it was (vegetarian or almond milk), but when I returned to Sydney a few weeks ago I started drinking cow's milk again on my morning cereal. My skin totally broke out again over a few days and at first I thought it was the stress (breakup) but then thought it may be the milk thing. So on the 14th I stopped drink cow's milk and started to have rice milk (almond mik is stupidly expensive in Aust). My skin has totally cleared up again!
I'm still eating cheese and in Canada I was still eating low fat yogurt (and a lot of cheese) and these don't seem to effect it.

Sooo anyhow, if you guys are at your wits end with the stupid spots then maybe try cutting out dairy?
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