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Sunday, September 20th, 2015

Time:11:19 am.
Just reading over some old posts. How life changes!
I am getting married to Fifi next year, which is awesome and exciting.
Going to buy a house soon too!
Guess I'm an adult now?

Ah dear :)
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Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

Time:1:14 pm.
Going for a job interview this afternoon, and if I get it, I have to do 2 weeks mandatory training...innn.....Las Vegas!
Would be so cool! :D
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Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

Time:8:00 pm.
Skydive was mental :) Everyone should do it at least once, I wanted to up again as soon as I touched the ground.

Pics hereCollapse )

Also had my wisdom teeth (3) out on wednesday, got a bit panicky during when one tooth hurt a bit, but calmed down by sucking in on the nitrous oxide :) Now my face is less puffy but still kinda funny looking (but probably not as funny looking as the above!).

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Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

Subject:Milk = Evil
Time:3:04 pm.
Hands up who feels they are too old to still have pimples/acne? For the last few years I've pondered and been frustrated by this and wondered why I still have them, thinking they were supposed to only be a teenage thing. Over the years I've tried antibiotics, topical creams, proactive, other potions and creams etcetcetc. In 08 I went on a different type of contraceptive pill that was meant to be for bad skin and it did help a bit, but not as much as I'd hoped. I'm still on this pill.

I've finally worked out that it was milk that's giving me the bad skin. For the last few months I was in Toronto I started to drink a lot more almond milk and not much cow's milk, around this time I also went vegetarian. My skin cleared up. I wasn't sure why it was (vegetarian or almond milk), but when I returned to Sydney a few weeks ago I started drinking cow's milk again on my morning cereal. My skin totally broke out again over a few days and at first I thought it was the stress (breakup) but then thought it may be the milk thing. So on the 14th I stopped drink cow's milk and started to have rice milk (almond mik is stupidly expensive in Aust). My skin has totally cleared up again!
I'm still eating cheese and in Canada I was still eating low fat yogurt (and a lot of cheese) and these don't seem to effect it.

Sooo anyhow, if you guys are at your wits end with the stupid spots then maybe try cutting out dairy?
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Saturday, August 1st, 2009

Time:1:10 pm.
So I got a job, it's only cover while someone is on leave, for 3.5 days end of next week and beginning of the one after. But yay for a little bit of money coming in.

I'm feeling much better about the Tom thing, last wednesday was a really, really bad day. Crying all over the place, I think it was triggered by seeing a couple on RPA give birth and the hubby cried a bit. I kept thinking that was meant to be us. I ended up saying a few things to him on facebook chat (about him not trying hard enough to save us, blahblahblah), but I've told myself I'm not going to do that anymore, I don't want to jepordise any friendship we might have in the future. But since then I've figure that the perfect person for me is someone who actually wants to be with me, ie not him. So I'm looking up :)

Last sat night I met up with a guy (Nic) who I met on okcupid (dating/meeting people site) who is pretty cool. Just a friends thing (I told him that before we met up), so we had whiskey (he's a big fan) and chatted for about 3 hours. I'm going to trivia with him and his mates next thurs, that should be fun, will meet some more people :) I think it's helped me in the way that I know I can meet new people and make new friends and that sort of thing. Plus starting stuff that is separate to Tom helps with the healing.

Tues I went to see the White Lies at The Metro, was a very good gig. Trundled off on my own but noticed another girl (Janie) standing around by herself and struck up a convo, we ended having a few more drinks afterwards, nice chick, we're going to be gig buddies.

Party tonight with some old friends, maybe I'll meet someone there...
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Sunday, July 26th, 2009

Time:6:57 pm.
Weird thing happened today, I was whacked by a mental woman. I was out to lunch with 3 of my friends, in Manly in quite a nice restaurant. Suddenly this hand came down super hard on my right shoulder. At first I was like, is that someone who knows me? That really hurt, they shouldn't have done that so hard. So I turned around and it's this woman (in her 50s I think) staring back at me. I then expected her to say 'oops, wrong person' but she just stared! I think i went into shock then and started to cry and I kept asking her why she would do that but she just kept staring back. Then she yelled "you're a horrible woman!" and ran out of the restaurant. By this time I was shaking and crying a bit and everyone was running over and couldn't believe what happened.
Her husband then came over apologising and apologising saying that she's been acting a bit weird recently and he's been trying to get her to go to the doctor/hospital but she hasn't wanted to.
He then went back to his table and the waitress asked if I wanted her to call the cops, I said no. My heart was racing and I was still visibly shaking and couldn't eat/drink properly for a good 10 mins.
The husband came over again at the end of our meal and apologised again, he said he saw her do it but didn't quite believe was he was seeing. He felt really bad the poor guy, must be hard for him to see his wife deteriorate like that. He's got a good reason to drag her to the doc now though!
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Sunday, June 28th, 2009

Time:4:43 pm.
So Tom and I broke up. He basically isn't ready to settle down yet, as he's only been with me, he's not sure what he wants in life, but would like to see what's out there.
I love him and want him to be happy so I have to let him go. We may get back together in the future but I'm not waiting for him or anything like that. We're going to stay good friends as we both still care for each other very much.
Better this to happen now than when we're married/have kids etc. It's not a feeling that goes away.

I feel gutted and hollowed out and sick and just awful. I wanted to/still want to share my life with him, it feels so stupid to let what we have/had go. I'm going back to Australia next week.

Saturday, March 29th, 2008

Time:7:03 pm.
Things I'm doing this year in no order:
  • Moving to Canada (Toronto)
  • 1/2 Marathon (ending at Niagara Falls)
  • 10km run
  • Going on the Coyote Rally (next week woo!) (www.coyote-rally.co.uk) (sponsor us (and the British Heart Foundation): http://www.justgiving.co.uk/coyoteteam66)
  • Glastonbury (if we get tickets)
  • Maybe Exit Festival
  • Eating out at Brick Lane (tonight)
  • Doing my MCDST
  • Doing Wise Packaging stuff
  • Going to France with Mumma
  • Comedy Store for a BWAGs night with work peeps (Bfs, Wives and Gfs)
  • Going to Swindon
  • Going to the Lakes District
  • Maybe see the Chinese Circus Ballet (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOqxSaW05p4)
Off to eat some curry!

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Saturday, June 16th, 2007

Subject:Random update
Time:5:57 pm.
Mood: thirsty.
Hello lj people.

I'm going to Glastonbury Festival on Wed, can't wait, the line up is awesome :D
Although it looks like it's going to rain. Muddy muddy mess :)

Saw The Wombats last night, they're from Liverpool. Ok music but I'm annoyed they stole our animal as a name.

Life is okay, Tom and I have our own place to live (and pay huge rent) now. Tonight we're having a beer and mussels (and chips) night with some friends. Should be yum :)

It's been almost 8 months since Dad went, i'm coping okay, still get upset but i haven't had to take work off for a while now. It's stupid little things that i miss. Or even just wanting to get his advice for things, i sort of kick myself for not asking him before. But i wasn't to know.

Got plane tickets back to Aust for Chrissy this year, will be there almost 4 weeks. Was going to be only 3 but Eri is getting married so of course we want to stay to celebrate that :)

I looked up stupid on google images and got this:Collapse )
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Tuesday, February 20th, 2007

Subject:Race For Life
Time:7:59 am.

(I am running on the 21st July)
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Friday, January 26th, 2007

Time:3:51 am.
Our other cat, Abby died.
Heart failure, all went suddenly downhill about a week ago.
I was like her Mum and I couldn't be there to say bye.

Why does everything have to happen when i'm not there?
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Wednesday, November 29th, 2006

Time:4:02 am.
Haven't update in a while, i'm ok i suppose.
I find Dad's death effecting me in annoying ways. Like i'm super snappy and have a really short temper. Tom has been getting the brunt of this so i'm really trying to think a bit more before i say anything. I suppose it's from having to hold my feelings in when i'm in public so they sort of come out in other ways. I'm still having a bit of a cry every now and then but it's lessening. Been talking to Mum lots on the phone and she seems to be ok too.

Been upping the gym and have also joined weight watchers. I was the heaviest i've ever been about 3 weeks ago so started going, i lost 1kg the first week and 1.2kg the 2nd (they do it in pounds over here so that's 5 pounds all together). Weigh-in for this week is thursday night, i have a feeling it won't be as much a loss but we'll see. It's really easy to do and fits in well with my lifestyle. yah.

Andrew is in Finland at the moment and seems to be having a fabulouso time, he was here about a week ago so it was nice to see him :)

Christmas is gearing up and it's getting colder (and wetter), coping okay for the moment though. Buying nice coats and boots.

Off to gym now (yeah go me), hope you all are okay. x

oh and i got a new piercing on saturday, it's my tongue-web, that bit under your tongue that joins your tongue to the bottom of your mouth. It didn't really hurt and is super easy to heal. After it was pierced it mainly felt like my tongue muscle was tired, like it had been working out at the gym too hard. I can eat etc fine :)
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Saturday, October 21st, 2006

Subject:Awful News
Time:2:14 am.
Mood: crushed.
Hi Everyone out there in computer land,

I have some bad news, those who need to know in the real world probably already do.

My Dad has died, he had a massive heart-attack on wednesday while having fun with his mates (typical Dad). It wasn't painful or anything like that, he just collapsed and even though his friends and the doctors tried for over an hour to revive him there wasn't ever really any chance that he was going to come back.
He was 54.

So yeah, now you know.

My cat (the black one, Rosie) died the day before too (in Dad's arms), she was put down because of old age kidney disease.

I've come home to Sydney from London with Tom.

I welcome comments etc but please those of you who are religious I don't care to hear anything of that nature, I am an athiest and so hearing about your Gods doesn't help me in the slightest.

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Sunday, September 10th, 2006

Subject:cockburns is a bad name for alcohol..or perhaps a good warning...
Time:5:30 pm.
Ok so i've been influenced by luce's update and finally doing one of my own - it's been too long, more than a month since a proper one.

Still chugging along at work, been there 3 weeks and still learning. It's quite slow which is slightly annoying. Once i know everything it will be fine cause some of the time will be taken up by actually doing things that i can't do at the moment. So yeah, a tad bored at the moment, but hopefully this will change. It has also been holidays so people been away, now more people are back in the building etc. I had to go visit a dude on another floor the other day, his blackberry was acting up. ooer.

Flat is going really well, Tom has been able to spend some more time down here (he only went to swindon this weekend to go to a 21st and he also got invited along to a huge theme park for today - lucky. Aparantly one of the little kiddies that was meant to go had been naughty so wasn't allowed, tom was invited to take their place, hehe).
Yesterday before he went back to Swindon we had some furniture delivered - a 3 door wardrobe and chst of drawers (bought as a present from his parents - so nice :) ). The drawers were already assembled but we had to do the wardrobe ourselves, hehe, that was fun. It's almost done, just got the doors and the back to put on. Took ages though and the intructions were all in picture format so we missed bits and had to undo the parts we put together. It said it would take 2.5 hours with 2 people, but we spent about 3 hours on it and still those bits to do. I will take some photos once everything is in place :)
Friday night we went to IKEA up the road - it's open until midnight so we left about 8pm and got back around 10. Bought some curtains (the wooden venetian blinds in here are really bad at keeping the street light shining in at night) and some pretty cussions for our couch (oh and shoerack for my shoes :) ).
Tom's also moved down a bunch of electronics the other day as well - tv (which we bought a digital box for freeview - 92 channels (including radio)), stereo and xbox (i've been playing harry potter and prisinor of azkaban all day).

The flat mates are ok - an aussie from brissy just moved in, she's really nice, name is wensley and she has a perm (or really curly hair) but we can forgive her for that ;) She seems pretty cool, T and i are sharing the fridge with her.
Spanish couple are going to be moving out in a month - we're pretty sure they broke up :( bad for them, but exciting for more people. James the english guy is fine, i think if i saw heaps of him i would be annoyed by him but don't so i'm not.

Tom also just found out (about an hour ago) that he got a job!! The first one he went for and he's got it, i'm so proud of him, and he was all worried about the interview not going so well. It's right near where i work so we can meet for lunch and pays very nicely (£30k!), so that's very exciting. He starts next monday.

Isa arrived from Aus yesterday, she's here until the 22nd when she'll go to cambridge. Exciting to have another of the ladies over here, we're going to have a ladies dinner sometime soon, just waiting for Is to contact us.

Just found out that i have an imogen heap cd on my mp3 player - i must have stolen it from Tom, it's really good, am enjoying, i've only heard her in frou frou before this (apart from singles) makes me want to go to her gig even more. It's 31st oct. hmm, shall see.

Luce, Tom and I all joined the gym last week, I can't go until i've had my induction on friday night, which is really annoying cause i reallyreally felt like a swim today (forget the fact that i don't have swimmers yet..). Just needed to do something where i didn't have to think. Wasn't in too good a mood this morning, but feeling better now. Brains are weird.

Hmm, dinnertime soon. What to have, what to have.

Back to harry and neville now - ciao xxx

oh and for those that don't read luce's journal - she had her nostril pierced and it looks awesome :) really suits her, looks like she was born with it :D
and it's made me want to get another piercing...i'm thiinking about surface tragus (also called a sideburn, hehe) -

this looks cool too - but i think too much for my ear:
(this one is a surface one with the tragus (the little stickyout bit) pierced as well).

It would go on my left ear (the one without my daith rodger). :)
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Monday, August 7th, 2006

Time:8:08 pm.
Mood: excited.
So i'm going to Dresden Dolls early nov :)
Lacuna coil in oct!!! I just found this today so am mega excited :D
Porcupine Tree are also playing but i haven't tickets to that yet :)

Other possibles are Bic Runga, Beth Orton, Imogen Heap (can't remember if i like her or not...).

(wheee! i knew moving over here would be a good idea :) )

I also sent my contract off to work today :) So once they recieve that i'm all good to start next monday.
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Wednesday, August 2nd, 2006

Subject:I GOT A JOB!
Time:4:29 pm.
Mood: ecstatic.
Had interview this arvo, didn't think i'd get it cause i didn't think i had the right technical ability for it.
Interview went well, I liked the people and the role sounded really good. Called my agent after the job, chatted to her, told her it went well and that i wanted it. She went off and then rang them, then rang me back and told me i'd been offered it. So basically about 10mins after I walked out of the interview I was offered the job. Whee!
SO excited :)
Basically i'll be taking calls and also learning stuff along the way. Learning about windows desktop stuff rather than custom s/w which is what i wanted to get into. The team sounds like heaps of fun and the blokes I met were really friendly and jokey - good to work with.
So I am winnar.
Annnd it pays well - as much as the one i was turned down for yesterday.

Everything sorted now. Flat + job = success!
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Tuesday, August 1st, 2006

Time:7:30 pm.
Mood: amused.
luce was just lying and wriggling on the floor pretending to be alex mack!


lucky i mopped it this arvo.
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Subject:no jobob
Time:6:21 pm.
Mood: disappointed.
Finally got word back on job. It's a no unfortunatly.
It was between me and another person and the reason it took them so long to get back was that they really liked us both. They had some meetings on whether they could take on 2 people, looked over budget etc, but decided they could only take one, so it wasn't me. Said I did really well in the interviews etc so that's a plus I suppose. I deffinatly learnt a lot from the process anyhow and feel a lot more confident in interviews now.
booooos. :(
Got a bunch of other interviews this week though, one tomorrow, one friday and one monday. Fingers crossed for those.
The one for tomorrow is the same salary as the one i just lost, although i'm not sure i have enough technical knowledge for the job. If i get it i'll learn a lot from it. I think there are 3 people going for the job - so that's a plus. We shall see. Had a phone interview for it today and it sounds like a good one. The company actually used to be part of AMP joined in 98 and demerged in 03. Cool.
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Sunday, July 30th, 2006

Time:12:22 pm.
some piccies from last night - it was really good!
We got to see boobies with tassles, hehe. The girls spun them around too, hehe.
Singing and dancing and really yummy food :D

pretty dress-upsCollapse )
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Friday, July 28th, 2006

Time:11:26 pm.
well 2nd interview was alright i think.
they seemed to like me :)

first i had a phychometric test for about 15mins, was pretty hard. Basically had to choose the thing i'm most like and the thing least like me from a group of 4 phrases. that x 24.
some were really easy - others were really hard.
choose most and least form these 4:
i like to spend time with friends
i like to be the centre of attention
i am good at planning and organising
i manage my time well

tis hard.

Then an interview from 2 people (1 from wednesday). Another interview from another 2 people (the other from wednesday) and then the financial director came in and had a chat too.

All up took about 2 hours. Mega intense. BUt i think i went okay. Was either going to hear back this arvo or monday morning - haven't heard this arvo so i suppose will on monday.

tonight i met the other of luce's friends - she seems cool. we just had pizza and watched the box.

Tomorrow night luce and I are going out for dinner (my parent's farewell present to luce) at Volupte Lounge. Like a caberet/burlesque show, shall be fun :) We're getting all dressed up - i really want to wear my red dress but it's in my box at Tom's house. So i'll wear a differnt one :)
Excitement :D

xox sleep time.
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