Lou (loux2) wrote,

Awful News

Hi Everyone out there in computer land,

I have some bad news, those who need to know in the real world probably already do.

My Dad has died, he had a massive heart-attack on wednesday while having fun with his mates (typical Dad). It wasn't painful or anything like that, he just collapsed and even though his friends and the doctors tried for over an hour to revive him there wasn't ever really any chance that he was going to come back.
He was 54.

So yeah, now you know.

My cat (the black one, Rosie) died the day before too (in Dad's arms), she was put down because of old age kidney disease.

I've come home to Sydney from London with Tom.

I welcome comments etc but please those of you who are religious I don't care to hear anything of that nature, I am an athiest and so hearing about your Gods doesn't help me in the slightest.

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